Research Results Database --Biome Example (Paula Beacom and Paula Clough )

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Paula says: This is a database a friend of mine built for her students. I added some html formatting to make the list view and the single view a little easier to read.  This one allows two pictures to be uploaded, one of the biome and one of one of the native animals.  Room for more pictures could easily be added.  This could be used to share data with other group members as well as sharing with the class.  Another idea was to use the database entries with younger students who are also studying biomes.  Unfortunately when the database entries are exported, pictures are not included.

Name of Biome: Arctic Tundra
Annual Rainfall (range):  15 to 25 cm (6 to 10 inches) Temperature Range:  −50 °C (−58.0 °F) to 12 °C (54 °F)
Approximate latitude of Location:  Far northern lattitudes Name of 2 major plants:  lichen,; heath
 Adaptation of Animal Picture   
Artic Fox Caribou
 Snowy Owl  Picture of Biome:  
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