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Glossary: Global History & Geography for 14-15 Yr olds USA) (Thomas Caswell)


The suppression information considered offensive or a threat to security.

centralized government

A government which controls all aspects of society from a central location or through a central system.

Chamberlain, Neville

(1869-1940) Prime Minister of Great Britain from 1937 to 1940. He is responsible for the policy of appeasement with Adolf Hitlers Nazi Germany.


Prime Minister, or chief executive of a country or nation state.

check and balance

A system in government described by Baron de Montesquieu where legislative, judicial, and executive power is shared among the different branches to provide protection against abuses of power.


The science dealing with the structure, composition, properties, and reactive characteristics of substances.

Chernobyl Nuclear Plant Accident

(1986) This accident release large amounts of radiation that not only affected the immediate area, (Ukraine,) but also was carried on strong winds across many countries in Europe. The effects of this accident have to date been an increase in cancer victims, numerous birth defects, and the destruction of many acres of good land.


floating islands of land anchored to a lake bottom used for agriculture. This technique was used by the Aztecs.

Chinese Communist Revolution

A political revolution in China led by Mao Zedong. After several years of fighting the Kuomintang, the communists won control of the country in 1949.


Code of conduct for knight and nobles during European feudalism.