Glossary of Glossary Ideas

Note: You may download the entries for this glossary here. If you wish to use this in your own Moodle course, first make a blank glossary and then follow the instructions for importing glossary entries here.

This was begun as a list of ideas from a chat on creative ideas for using the Moodle Glossary module and was set up by Paula Clough.

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By James Gates - 

3. Inspirational/Motivational Quotes

  • The concept is the short description of the quote, such as "Be Yourself", "You can do it!", etc and the description field contains the quote and who said it.


Rateable Recipe Archive Glossary

by Mikko Turunen -

Rateable recipe archive for students of international cooking!


Sharing Glossaries With Other Classes

by Frances Bell -  

Also if you are able to make the glossary public you can share it with another class. A blogging glossary developed by masters students was made available to first year students as a resource for their research on their own blogging assignment.

Sharing Relevant Internet Links Glossary

by Lucy Mellersh - 

I'm using the glossary as a place for the students to collect and share relevant Internet links.

Student Independent Vocab Look Glossary

by Mary Parke 

An art history instructor created a teacher glossary of terms with auto-linking on so that she didn't have to interrupt the flow of the course lessons and lectures by stopping and defining each new term. Students could just click on the term (if they needed assistance) and go directly to the glossary (setup using encyclopedia format so some entries could also have a visual representation of the term)

Student of the Week Glossary

by Randy Orwin 

· A 5th grade teacher uses a glossary in conjunction with the random glossary entry block to create students of the week. He has added a photo of each student to a glossary, without identification, and then each week the random glossary block shows the photo of that student as student of the week. He has the block setup so that it just goes through the list of students in order so everybody gets a turn. The students love it!

Student Poetry Glossary

by Randy Orwin - 

· Along the same lines as above, a teacher has students create poetry in a glossary and then pushes the poems to the home page using the random glossary entry block.


Tips of the Day

by Mary Parke - 

d) "Tips" - another Health/Nutrition instructor had a list of frequently used terms and concepts in her course that students always struggled with so she created a Tip of the Day glossary and fed it to the Random Glossary Entry block so a tip would appear each day on the homepage.

Tutorials for Photoshop Glossary

A. T. Wyatt - 

· tutorials for photoshop (they uploaded their created image, linked to the tutorial, and gave it a rating for quality)


Vocab or Quotes Daily Word/Quote of the Day Glossary

by Randy Orwin - 

· Another great idea is to use the random glossary entry block to do quotes of the day or vocab word of the day.

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