Glossary of Glossary Ideas

Note: You may download the entries for this glossary here. If you wish to use this in your own Moodle course, first make a blank glossary and then follow the instructions for importing glossary entries here.

This was begun as a list of ideas from a chat on creative ideas for using the Moodle Glossary module and was set up by Paula Clough.

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Job Tips and Tricks Glossary

by Leah Hemeon -

We're just getting into Moodle in my company's e-learning initiative. One of the ways we're trying to encourage employees to go and use the site is by using a glossary as a place to share on the job tips and tricks. We often get people sending mass emails with a system or customer tip and we want to encourage them to use the glossary to compile them. We did turn on the "approval" part as the training team has to check the entries for accuracy before they're displayed. We think this will work because it will be one repository for all tips and it gives credit to those who submitted them.