Glossary of Glossary Ideas

Note: You may download the entries for this glossary here. If you wish to use this in your own Moodle course, first make a blank glossary and then follow the instructions for importing glossary entries here.

This was begun as a list of ideas from a chat on creative ideas for using the Moodle Glossary module and was set up by Paula Clough.

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Problem with Keeping Glossary Data

By A. T. Wyatt - 

· tutorials for photoshop (they uploaded their created image, linked to the tutorial, and gave it a rating for quality)

My only problem was trying to roll the glossary over for the next semester. Student work was lost. I probably didn't know how to do it, but I have to start my courses over with a new course id because I always need to update the quizzes. That messed me up, because I wanted the glossaries to just keep growing over time.
I hope to be inspired myself! Thanks for opening this discussion!

Paula Clough--- April 19, 2009

Export the entries out of the glossary before you reset the course then import them back in... Let me know if you need help with how to do this...