Glossary of Glossary Ideas

Note: You may download the entries for this glossary here. If you wish to use this in your own Moodle course, first make a blank glossary and then follow the instructions for importing glossary entries here.

This was begun as a list of ideas from a chat on creative ideas for using the Moodle Glossary module and was set up by Paula Clough.

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Tips of the Day

by Mary Parke - 

d) "Tips" - another Health/Nutrition instructor had a list of frequently used terms and concepts in her course that students always struggled with so she created a Tip of the Day glossary and fed it to the Random Glossary Entry block so a tip would appear each day on the homepage.

Tutorials for Photoshop Glossary

A. T. Wyatt - 

· tutorials for photoshop (they uploaded their created image, linked to the tutorial, and gave it a rating for quality)