Glossary of Glossary Ideas

Note: You may download the entries for this glossary here. If you wish to use this in your own Moodle course, first make a blank glossary and then follow the instructions for importing glossary entries here.

This was begun as a list of ideas from a chat on creative ideas for using the Moodle Glossary module and was set up by Paula Clough.

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Vocab or Quotes Daily Word/Quote of the Day Glossary

by Randy Orwin - 

· Another great idea is to use the random glossary entry block to do quotes of the day or vocab word of the day.

Vocabulary Glossary with Pictures

by Lesli Smith - 

I have used the glossary in my classroom in mostly the traditional sense as a resource for vocabulary words. I typically have each of my students submit one word to a large group resource glossary, and each of their entries must contain the definition, part of speech, an original sentence using the word correctly, and some type of mnemonic or visual device to help classmates remember its meaning. (Two of the most amusing ones, to me anyway, attached.)