Transportation Program Glossary (James Depow)

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"The attached file is a glossary of transportation terms used in my transportation program," states James.

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A Dolly

A converter dolly that is towed from a single hitch on the centerline of the towing unit.

A Train

A combination vehicle consisting of a tractor and semi-trailer coupled to one or two full trailers, which are fitted with single drawbars. Most commonly, the full trailers are comprised of semi-trailers coupled to A Dolly converter.

Accessorial Service

A service rendered by a carier in addition to a transportation service, such as heating, storage, packing pre-cooling, etc.

Air Freedom Rights

Negotiated priveleges, between countries, that allows for foreign airlines to fly over, land in or out of another country.  These freedoms were initially developed in 1944 and currently consist of nine (9).

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Axle Weight

Amount of weight carried by one axle.


B Train

A combination vehicle consisting of a tractor and two or three semi-trailers, where each towed trailer is hitched to a fifth wheel on the frame of the preceding trailer.

Van B Train

Courtesy of Transport Canada


To handle a shipment in the direction of the lighter traffic flow between two points or areas.


One to whom goods are entrusted.


Delivery of goods in trust from one party to the other for a purpose, such as storage, in the expectation that the goods will be returned when the purpose is accomplised.  Fixing responsibility for safekeeping.

Bill of Lading

A contract for the carriage of goods.

A bill of lading has three purposes:

  1. A receipt to the shipper signed by, or on behalf of, the carrier, acknowledging that specified goods have been received for shipment;
  2. A memorandum of the terms and conditions of the contract between the shipper and the carrier for the transportation of the goods to the destination named in the contract; and
  3. It may be evidence of the title of the goods.

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