Electronics (Mike Jaroch)

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An eclipse where the rays of the sun do not reach the satellite. This prevents
recharging of the solar cells of the satellite and decreases the power to the transmitter [17].


A period when the satellite and sun are close together and the noise from the sun prevents or hampers communications [17].


A coil in which the reactance is controlled by changing the permeability of the core [8].


(1) The condition existing in any circuit in which an increase in the input signal produces no further change in the output [13]. (2) The operating point of a vacuum tube or transistor at which a further increase in grid or base current no longer produces an increase in plate or collector current [6] [7]. (3) In a magnetic core, the condition in which a magnetic material has reached a maximum flux density and the permeability has decreased to a value of (approximately) 1 [8].


The term used to describe the use of unequal resistors in a servo's summing
network to compensate for differences between input and output signal levels [15].


(1) The process of subdividing a picture in an orderly manner into segments. This is used in facsimile transmission [17]. (2) Systematic movement of a radar beam to cover a definite pattern or area in space [18].


A four-digit subcategory code used to identify the functional measurement parameters that can be satisfied by any one of many pieces of test equipment [16].


The angle at which the receiving antenna must be aimed to capture the scattered energy of tropospheric scatter [10].


A diagram which shows, by means of graphic symbols, the electrical connections and functions of a specific circuit arrangement [1] [4].


A letter, abbreviation, or design used to represent specific characteristics or
components on a schematic diagram [1].

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