Science Terminology for 11-13 Yr Olds --- (Jon Witts)

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This contains 12 individual glossaries based on the units from UK Year 8 Key Stage 3 Science.[11-13 Yr Olds] 

They are:


  • Food and Digestion Glossary
  • Respiration Glossary
  • Microbes and Disease Glossary
  • Ecological Relationships Glossary
  • Atoms and Elements Glossary
  • Compounds and Mixtures Glossary
  • Rocks and Weathering Glossary
  • The Rock Cycle Glossary
  • Heating and Cooling Glossary
  • Magnets and Electromagnets Glossary
  • Light Glossary
  • Sound and Hearing Glossary 
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small blood vessels with thin walls, which carry blood between the arteries and veins


group of energy-producing substances, for example starch and sugars.


animals that eat only other animals

Cathode ray oscilloscope

device that shows a graph of a sound


the material that ‘glues’ rock grains together


the process of ‘gluing’ rock grains together


stuck, or glued, together

Change of state

material changing state between solid, liquid or gas


distinctive features

Chemical change

a change that involves the formation of a new substance

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