Science Terminology for 11-13 Yr Olds --- (Jon Witts)

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This contains 12 individual glossaries based on the units from UK Year 8 Key Stage 3 Science.[11-13 Yr Olds] 

They are:


  • Food and Digestion Glossary
  • Respiration Glossary
  • Microbes and Disease Glossary
  • Ecological Relationships Glossary
  • Atoms and Elements Glossary
  • Compounds and Mixtures Glossary
  • Rocks and Weathering Glossary
  • The Rock Cycle Glossary
  • Heating and Cooling Glossary
  • Magnets and Electromagnets Glossary
  • Light Glossary
  • Sound and Hearing Glossary 
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rotting process involving bacteria where nutrients are released from detritus


unit for measuring loudness of sound

Degrees Celsius

common unit for temperature measurement


when sediments are put down or dropped


waste and dead material


the process by which nutrients from food are broken down and absorbed into  the body.

digestive system

the organs involved in digestion.


splitting light into a spectrum


small region within a magnetised substance where all the magnetism is in the same direction

Double pump

the right-hand side of the heart pumps blood to the lungs; the left-hand side pumps blood to the rest of the body