Global History & Geography for 14-15 Yr olds USA) (Thomas Caswell)

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Thomas describes this database: "This 800+ term glossary is based on the New York State curriculum for 9th and 10th grade social studies. Called "Global History and Geography," this curriculum culminates in a high-stakes Regents examination that all students must pass in order to graduate and earn a high school diploma."

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Stock Market Crash

(1929)The steep fall in the prices of stocks due to widespread financial panic. It was caused by stock brokers who called in the loans they had made to stock investors. This caused stock prices to fall, and many people lost their entire life savings as many financial institutions went bankrupt.


A person holding ownership of part of a company or business venture.


A Buddhist shrine or temple in India. This form of architecture made its way to China where it was altered slightly and renamed the pagoda.


Large area that is a separate part of a continent. The area encompassing India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh are considered to be a subcontinent of Asia.


To serve under another person. Unequal.

Suez Canal

A canal linking the Red Sea to the Mediterranean Sea. It was a vital trade route in the British Empire during imperialism, and continues to link North Africa and Europe to Asia today.

Suez War of 1956

War between Israel and Egypt which resulted in Egypt losing control of the Sinai Peninsula.


The right to vote in elections.


(1494-1566) Sultan of the Ottoman Empire and considered to be their greatest ruler. Under his leadership, the Ottoman Empire reached its greatest height.

Sun Yixian

(1866-1925) Chinese nationalist leader who fought to end foreign domination. He formed the Kuomintang, or Nationalist Party, which overthrew the Manchu Dynasty and established a republican form of government in its place. Also known as Sun Yat-sen.

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