Global History & Geography for 14-15 Yr olds USA) (Thomas Caswell)

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Thomas describes this database: "This 800+ term glossary is based on the New York State curriculum for 9th and 10th grade social studies. Called "Global History and Geography," this curriculum culminates in a high-stakes Regents examination that all students must pass in order to graduate and earn a high school diploma."

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Treaty of Versailles

Treaty ending World War I. It was extremely unfair to Germany, forcing them to accept all of the blame for the war. It is a major cause of World War II.

trench warfare

A form of combat where armies fight each other from opposing fortified positions, usually consisting of long, dugout holes or trenches.

Triangle Trade

A catch all phrase for the trade occurring between Europe, Africa, and the Americas. Trade goods include raw materials from the Americas, manufactured goods from Europe, and slaves from Africa.


The organization, culture, or beliels of a tribe.


The collection of religious writings by Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha.

Triple Alliance

An alliance that was made up of Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy during World War I.

Triple Entente

An alliance that was made up of France, Russia, and Great Britain during World War I.

Truman Doctrine

A policy if the Truman presidency that called for supporting any nation resisting communism.

Tull, Jethro

(1674-1741) British farmer and inventor, created the mechanical seed drill to aid in planting.

Two Treatises of Government

Also known as The Three Baskets of Wisdom, a book written by John Locke describing his views on government which explained that all men have Natural Rights, which are Life, Liberty, and Property, and that the purpose of government was to protect these rights. This book is the basis for many modern democracies.

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