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L'Ouverture, Toussaint

(1743?-1803) Revolutionary leader who is responsible for ousting France from Haiti during the Latin American Revolutions in the early 19th century.

Laissez-Faire Economics

This was an economic philosophy begun by Adam Smith in his book, Wealth of Nations, that stated that business and the economy would run best with no interference from the government. This economic system dominated most of the Industrial Revolution.


Entirely, or almost entirely surrounded by land.

Lao Tze

(570-490 BCE?) Chinese philosopher credited with originating Taoism/Daoism. His teachings were collected and published as the Tao-te Ching.

Last Supper, The

A famous Renaissance painting by Leonardo Da Vinci.

Latin American

The Geopolitical designation for Central and South America and the Caribbean Islands which were settled by the Spanish.

Latin American Revolutions

Political revolutions in various Latin American countries beginning in the late 18th century. These revolutions were aimed at overthrowing the European powers that controlled these nations. Many were successful, but few achieved the success of the American Revolution.


Lines of equal distance measured north and south of the equator.

Laws of the Twelve Tables

A system of laws. Some of the features of this system include, men being equal under the law, having the right to face their accusers, and being considered innocent until proven guilty.

lay investiture

The creation of a Bishop by a non church official, usually a feudal lord.

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