US Educational Terms Glossary (Garland Green)

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Glossary of Educational Terminology Garland found while surfing the web.

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Office of Educational Research and Improvement (Now Institute of Educational Sciences) U.S. Department of Education

Open Court Reading Series

A program that provides systematic, explicit instruction to help students learn the structure of words and how to sound them out. Fluent reading and comprehension by the end of first grade is a program goal.

Open-ended Question

A question that has many avenues of access and allows students to respond in a variety of ways. Such questions have more than one correct answer.

Open-ended task

A performance task in which students are required to generate a solution or response to a problem when there is no single correct answer.

Open-response task

A performance task in which students are required to generate an answer rather than select an answer from among several possible answers but there is a single correct response.

Outcome-based education

An integrated system of educational programs that aligns specific student outcomes instructional methods and assessment.