US Educational Terms Glossary (Garland Green)

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Glossary of Educational Terminology Garland found while surfing the web.

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A collection of various samples of a student’s work throughout the school year that can include writing samples, examples of math problems, and results of science experiments. (Ed Source)

Portfolio Assessment

An assessment process that is based on the collection of student work (such as written assignments drafts artwork and presentations) that represents competencies exemplary work or the student s developmental progress.


Pacific Resources for Education and Learning

Prior Knowledge

The total of an individual s knowledge at any given time.

Problem Solving

A method of learning in which students evaluate their thinking and progress while solving problems. The process includes strategy discussion--determining solution strategies to similar problems and pinpointing additional problems within the context of their investigation.

Project 2061

A reform initiative developed by the American Association for the Advancement of Science which seeks to improve the quality increase the relevance and broaden the availability of science math and technology education.


Parent Teacher Association


Parent Teacher Organization

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