Potlines (Alia Alzaabi)

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Anode-cathode-distance (ACD) is the anode-to-molten aluminium spacing.


The carbon mass connected to the more positive side of the power supply and used for the electrochemical removal of oxide ions, in the process itself being consumed.



Is the most common ore of aluminium.

Bayer Process

A German Karl Joseph Bayer invented a process in the year 1888 to refine Bauxite and recover nearly pure alumina. The process is named 'Bayer Process'.


The external aluminium bar used to lead current between pots to the electrod contacts.


Cathode lining

The carbonaceous negative electrode that is also used for containing the metal and the electrolyte.


Materials that are made up of atoms whose electrons are easily freed.


The solidified electrolyte-alumina power that forms on top of the pot.

Current effeciency

The ratio of the quantity of metal produced in the pot by passing of current compared to that of the theoretical amount expected from Faraday's Law. Expressed as a percentage.


Electrolyte or bath

Motlen Cryolite (Na3ALF6) is the major component (80 - 85%) of the electrolyte or bath.

Electrolytic cell

A typical aluminium reduction cell, commonly called a 'pot' is a rectangular shell lined wiht refractory thermal insulation, within this is an inner lining of carbon to contain the highly corrosive molten electrolyte and liquid aluminium.



materials that have structural properties exactly opposite of conductors. These materials are made up of atoms whose electrons are not easily freed.


Pot lining

the materials used to construct and shape the cathode of a pot. Ususally this term is further specified by its location such as side lining or bottom lining.


A number of cells or pots are connected in "series circuit" by thick aluminium bus-bars froming a Potline.

Potlines are the centre of the smelting operations at DUBAL. They are supported strongly by other closely related functions such as Power Operations, Carbon Plant, Potroom Services, Production Services, and Information Technology.


Process of heating the pot lining close to the operational termperature prior to its commisioning for production.



Is the opposition offered by a conductor to the flow of current.



Is the difference of electrical potential between two points in space. Voltage is the electrical force that causes free electrons to move from one atom to another.

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