Journal & Daily Assignments (Ben Here)

To use this database on your own Moodle course, download the preset  here and download the entries here, and then follow the instructions for importing presets here and importing entries here.

Ben formated this so that it would display nicely on his SmartBoard each day, using some HTML formatting.  As well as holding the Journal topic of the day, it holds the assignments and what students who are absent need to do to make up the day.  Not only good on its own, but lots of ideas for how to use databases.

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If you missed a day, simply click on the date below to find the journal prompt, and see what was done on that day.
18 August 2012

Thursday 29 January 2009

1 January 1970

See chapter 8 ppt,; specificially 8-1 and 8-2. 1 January 1970

Thursday 5 February 2009

1 January 1970

Read over section 8-5 in book,; get very comfortable with how this process works. Turn in Activity 34 (DNA & RNA) packet that you have been working on in groups. 1 January 1970